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Group Counseling Opportunities




Group Counseling Opportunities:


Group counseling is offered on a number of topics to students in first through sixth grades.  Letters about the group(s) we are offering go out to students for parent permission.  Parent permission is always required to be in a counseling group.  All groups range from about 4-8 students. At the beginning of the year we offer a lunch session for new students to come and meet the Counselor and play a "New Student Game".


What do we do in groups: 


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  • Art projects
  • Play games 
  • Read books 
  • Watch videos 
  • Eat lunch
  • Talk and help each other solve problems


When do groups meet: 

We try to have our groups meet every other week during lunch period. Students do not have to come to every meeting, but we do encourage them to for better consistency and ensuring a cohesive bond can be made with the other students in the group. Announcements are always made in the morning about which groups are meeting and passes are given out in homeroom to help students remember. 


What groups are currently offered: 

Topics usually include but are not limited to:


Banana Splits: 

This is a group for anyone in grades 1 through 6 whose family has changed. The kind of changes Banana Splits kids have experienced are: parents separating or divorcing; a parent remarrying; the death of a parent; living in a step- or "blended" family. Splits kids may live with Mom or Dad or a grandparent or a foster family or another adult.



This is a group for anyone in grades 1 through 6 who may have trouble making or keeping friends. When a student is referred or self identified we will create a group that includes his or her peers that meets on a regular basis. At times the group has multiple students who have had friendship issues and can work together to learn how to be good friends.